Stripped set screw on Moen shower handle


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Stripped set screw on Moen shower handle

You've heard the story I'm sure. In an attempt to replace O rings, I took my allen wrench to the set screw holding the single control handle in place. While trying to back out the set screw, it didn't move and then got stripped. I tried an easy out and that broke off. My question is how do I get off the handle so I can remove the faceplate and get inside to replace the O rings? Thanks, JB
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Time to break out the drill. Might have to replace the handle.
(ain't that the way it always goes?) But you might be able to tap it out and put in a larger set screw.
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I agree with gunguy on this. I can't think of any magical solution here. If only McGuyver were here, He'd know
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striped stripper

buy one of those , new screw extractor sets it has a bit and a bit ha ha really thou don't know the name at ho dep some new stuff that they came out with.
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Thanks Guys,

I thought that would be a solution. Maybe a cutting torch? only kidding. Thanks, JB
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you could just put a pair of vice grips on there and leave em!
spray paint em, when the inlaws come over!!
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Stuck set screw on Moen shower handle?

I know this is an old thread, but if anyone comes across it and has a problem with the set screw in a Moen shower handle, try using a torx T15 driver---it should fit into the hex hole in the head of the screw (even if it doesn't look like there's a hex screw in there) and, turning counterclockwise, using a good amount of force, it should unscrew slowly. Beats having to drill or saw.

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