Hard shut off's when toliet tank refills?


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Hard shut off's when toliet tank refills?

Over the past 2 months.....I've noticed when my toliet tank refills.....right when it is finished there is a hard shut-off of sorts - (pipes bang) sort of deal?

Any ideas on what this is? What could be causing it......and my correct course of action to remedy it...

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What you have is called "Water Hammer". Any time you have a valve that can calose quickly, you can get this problem. Sometimes ti is as easy as fixing a loose pipe. Other times a Watter Hammer Arrestor must be installed. Are you on well water or city water? Has your water pressure changed recently? There are many types of "wha's" available. Some must be cut into the water main in the basement, and some can be hooked up to a washing machine valve without the use of anything but a pair of pliers. And I think they even have some to connect to your supply tube under your sink.

A Water Hammer Arrester is an air chamber used to absorb the shock of quick closing valves. If this just suddenly occured, your water pressure may have been increased, or you may have wha's already installed that are no longer working.

Here is just a few examples of water hammer arresters


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