1 piece toilet flapper assembly


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1 piece toilet flapper assembly

Have a "standard" made in Mexico? thats all the info I can read on the tank, 1 piece toilet that started leaking. Replaced fill valve, still leaked, disassembled the whole flapper assembly and threw out the old plastic assembly. Went to home depot and lo and behold, my assembly where it goes into the bowl portion has waht looks like an anchor with a bolt to snug it up tight onto which you would attach a new plastic flapper assembly. However, the threads are on the outside of the assembly, and all the replacement parts I have found need a part to thread into ( threads on the inside?) cannot find a replacement anywhere. Any suggestions???
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If it's possible to post pics that would be helpful.You have to post them to an outside pic site like photobucket then post a link to that here.

Generally speaking I'd try plumbing supply stores that sell to the public and would take the old parts with you to show them.

The word "standard" has been used in several plumbing companies names.Mexico just means it was made there which isn't that unusual.
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One piece toilets do not use the "universal" parts that you find at HD. You need to go to a plumbing supplier.

"Standard" was many years ago the brand logo of the Standard Sanitary Wares company, which ultimately became american standard. It was NOT made in mexico. In recent years, American Standard started making a "retro" line of products and resurrected the "Standard" label. They are made in mexico. Of course, on toilets, American Standard is now just a brand label, as the Parent Company, American Standard, sold off the plumbing division to a leveraged buyout company who promptly merged with Crane and Eljer.

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