cadet 3 splashing problem


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cadet 3 splashing problem

just finished a bathroom remodel. Very annoyting problem.

The new cadet 3 I installed, when flushing, is splashing out of the bowl on each flush, because the water level in the bowl is a tad too low.

The install is under a very tight counter, and I can barely get my hands in there to adjust anything. My question is: Is there a way to raise the baseline water level up a 1/4 or so inch? The adjustment screw doesn't seem to do it. If I have to rip out the counter, I will, but not sure of how to achieve what I need in terms of getting the water level up.

What I want to do, I think, is have the flapper stay open just a little bit longer before it closes..that would probably do it..any ideas?

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I don't see how adjusting the flapper is going to raise the level in the bowl. I would lower the level in the tank, if anything.
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The flush doesn't really leave that much water in the bowl. That is more a function of the fill tube that runs from the fill valve into the overflow tube. Raising the water level in the tank will allow the fill valve to run longer and add more water into the bowl.

But remember, you can't really add more water to the bowl if it is already full, it will just run down the built in trap moulded into the bowl. If the bowl is off level, it can affect the water level also.

You can find the max fill by slowly pouring water from a pitcher or bucket directly into the bowl. Check it in a few minutes. That will be the max water level. If it doesn't fill to that point on a regular flush, you can raise the tank level to w/i about 1/2" of the top of the overflow. Thats about all. No adjustability to the fill tube flow that I know of, except with longer fill times.

I have a Cadet as well, and the water level seemed lower than the old toilet. It may be just a function of the low flow design.
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I had just the opposite problem with a Cadet. The bowl would fill too high. After a couple of months of messing with the tank and catching a lot of flak from my wife for my poor marksmanship (she didn't believe that it was splashing) I convinced her to witness a demonstration. I tossed the Cadet toilet and replaced it with a Kohler Cimmaron.

OK, we were renovating anyway but it's a true story.
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I hope you didn't upload that demonstration to youtube.
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