Kitchen drain and bathtub clogged


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Kitchen drain and bathtub clogged

When draining the kitchen sink, it will come up in the bathtub drain.
I've tried the draining products but nothing is unplugging it properly.
What could be the problem and what should I use?
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How old is your home? What size is your drain pipe? What kind of pipes do you have? Do you have a sewer or septic tank. Did this just start, or has it been an ongoing problem? A number of things can contribute to this problem. Need to know more before I can make any suggestions.
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It is most likely you have a venting problem. Discontinue the chemicals. The vent must be attacked from the roof, so if you don't feel comfortable doing that, call a pro. Your plumbing system is similar to a soda straw placed in a soda, and your thumb placed on the end of the straw. When you withdraw it, the liquid stays in the straw until you release your thumb and allow air above it. With squirrels and other animals depositing acorns, leaves, twigs, etc in your vent pipe, quite often they will completely occlude. Usually they can be cleared by using a garden hose (water off) and chug it until the occlusion moves on down into the system and is flushed out. Here, again, be careful. It isn't the fall, but the sudden stop that makes for a day.
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When vent stack is clogged, the drain will seek air elsewhere. In your case, it's the air in the tub trap.

I once had this problem in a house. I knew the kitchen drain was slow and sometimes I used a plunger. When I discover a mess around the basement floor drain directly below, I knew I had a problem. I called the plumber, who went up on the roof and snaked the vent and drain all the way to the street. Wallah! He explained that grease and scum can get backed up into the vent and form a clog. Too, that bird and bee nests and other debris can clog the vent.
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