****sink issues need help


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****sink issues need help

Today, when I woke up I noticed when i turned my facuet in our kitchen sink on, it did not work. The hot side did not work but the cold side did. All of the other sinks/showers work in the house except for the kitchen sink hot side. It has been bitter cold here so I think it may be frozen. All of the other faucets work great and the hot water comes out of them as normal. What can I do to figure out what the problem is???? Thanks, Todd
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Sounds like a frozen pipe. It helps to insulate pipes. During periods of deep freeze temperatures, it also helps to leave the kitchen cabinet door open to allow warm air to circulate inside the base cabinet. Some folks leave a pencil lead size stream of water running before they go to bed. This keeps water moving in the pipe. Pipes located on outside walls tend to freeze if not insulated. Sometimes the pipes can burst and cause flooding inside the home.

It will help expedite the thawing if you raise the room temperature a few degrees. Keep the cabinet doors open. It might not be a pretty site under the sink, thawing out the pipes is more important. After you get them thawed, leave doors open to prevent freezing again until outdoor temperatures are more moderate.

Turn on the oven and bake something. Baking something will raise temperature a few degrees.

Turn on the faucet and use blow dryer on the pipe beneath the sink. Make sure the faucet is turned on.

If pipe emerges from wall or cold crawl space, that's likely the location. If you have children, this is a good way to occupy their time. Bribery may be required.

If you have crawl space, check pipes to make sure you don't have one that has frozen an burst. Insulate your pipes.

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