new toilet install


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new toilet install

We bought a 7-year old house & I plan to replace two of the existing toilets with the ones 'that will flush a bucket of golf balls'. I've never replaced a toilet before but it seems pretty straightforward; any special tips or hints? (other than making SURE the wax seal is aligned correctly & evenly)
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Install new 5/16 brass bolts, never use steel bolts or nuts, don't overtighten. Replace the fill tube with stainless woven flex tube, usually 9 or 12". Follow directions if there are any, they are usually good. Once things are close to set, I put my whole body weight on the toilet and gently rock to fully seat the wax seal.
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What Just Bill said

is 100% correct. I also like to sit on it and very gently wiggle a little.

Also, like he mentioned don't overtighten the bolts. You want them snug, but then use the toilet for a few days and check/retighten. You can always tighten them if it settles but if you overtighten you can't fix busted ceramic.

One other thing... when you pull the old one out, have a rag handy to plug the hole unless you have the new one right there ready to go in, to keep the gases in check.
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And as you remove the old toilet, in order to keep from tracking 5 gallons of water through the house, pick up the toilet and set it in the tub or shower. Once there, you can remove the tank. Then rotate the toilet end over end a couple of times to clear the waterways. That way mommy won't bust your chops for dripping through the living room.
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Just put on a rubber glove and empty the toilet trap with a sponge or a paper cup until empty then do the same to the tank above. This will stop ALL water messes from happening. Replacing the refill supply tube is not necessary, but the flex lines are much easier to work with.

I use a very small - 6" - wrench when tightening the toilet to the floor. Also, hold the wrench at the head of the wrench and not at the end, less leverage equals less chance to crack the bowl.

After cleaning off the old wax seal from the existing toilet flange, inspect it thoroughly and make sure it is in good shape or you may need to replace something there also.

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