Toilet Seat Weight Limits?

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Unhappy Toilet Seat Weight Limits?

I recently replaced our toilet and it came with a plastic seat. It lasted 4 or 5 months and then broke at the hinges. It needs to be replaced but I think I need to ask a very embarrassing question first. I am a large; OK Iíll say it, FAT woman. I weigh 250 lbs and it hurts to type that so donít spread it around! Iím worried that my weight may have been the issue of the early demise of the other seat. I have looked and looked online and every where and the only mention of toilet seat weight limits is in regards to seats designed to suit people over 500 lbs.
My question is what kind of seat should I get considering my weight that will last the longest? Plastic, wood, plastic hinges, metal hinges? I canít seem to find weight restriction on any brand of toilet seats except those designed for the super obese??!!
Am I the only person to ever ask this question??? I find that hard to believe considering Americaís biggest health concerns primarily stem from obesity!!
Any help, opinions, and suggestions I would really appreciate! (But please donít comment on my weight or insult me or post fat jokes, FAT does not mean I have no feelings! I need legitimate answers not ďgo on a dietĒ comments!!! Please answer kindly as this was very hard and embarrassing to ask in the first place!)
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Not sure I can be of much help, but I had the same thing happen to my toilet seat. Its plastic seat, and 250+ people use it. needless to say it was quite embarrassing when it broke :-)

On the bright side it only costs about ... 7 dollars at home depot for the whole brand new one. And it wasn't terribly difficult to replace either. If its like a once a year thing, I would just go and buy another cheap plastic seat. At least that worked for me. I can already see this one is going to suffer the same death maybe a year or two from now. who knows.
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A higher quality seat with metal hinges MAY last longer. The problem seems to be that the seat "twists" on top of the bowl, which can crack any hinges. Try to find one that has rubber bumpers under the seat, or the type with removable bumpers and replace them with rubber.

You can also put little pads of the foamy mesh non-slip shelf liner on the bowl where the bumpers hit.

I had the same plastic lids on mine at last house for 12-13 yrs. You just have to gauge them by weight and thickness of construction.

btw...did you know many have lifetime warranty's on splits and cracks? Not the hinges of course, but that shouldn't be an issue if it doesn't twist. Just put the receipt and warranty in a ziplock bag in the vanity or taped to the side under the sink..then you'll always know where it is.

Don't get the wood finished (oak look). I've seen more of those split and crack after relatively short times.

I'm at about 240 lbs...and I never had an issue as long as the seat was kept tight and wasn't allowed to twist side to side.

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Toilet Seat Weight Limits?

Hi-My Husband is 400 Lbs +. He has broken his share of seats. We finally broke down & bought a seat at It was $99.95 ,however, when you consider that everytime you break a seat, you have to replace it at $30, this one has lasted a year so far. It also cleans easier than the others. It is plastic, but it hasnt cracked (knock wood). I am in process of remodeling a bathroom & will be buying another one. Its the one called the Paramount. We have been happy with it. Jina
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they dont come with lids but why not try a commercial seat? you can find them at any plumbing supply house that sales to the public
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Talking Thank you all so much!!!

Thank you all very much for the help and suggestions with ZERO criticism or negative comment!
I didn't want to go up to some clerk in Loweís and ask that question face to face. This is much easier. Plus you never know in those stores if you get the guy who says, "Oh yes, the toilet flanges are down this isle, or the one who gives you THE LOOK! (You know the look I mean where the guy's jaw drops open and his eyes stare up as he says, "Uhhhhh.... a toilet what now?") Which probably would have required repeating the question for several other people and maybe still not get a good answer! But I guess I canít be too critical because up until about 6 months ago I wouldnít have known what a toilet flange was either!!!
The seat did break at the hinge and I did have trouble getting the seat as tight as I wanted so it did slip around some. Basic physics there, I didn't even think about the movement putting stress on the hinge! The new one has a metal hinge with sturdy plastic things that fit over the bolt and set into the bowls holes to keep it firmly in place?! (I don't know what you'd call them, "3-D washers" maybe?) I was easily able to get it very secure and it doesn't move a millimeter side to side, so I hope this one will last a bit longer!
Thanks again! I love this place! Nice helpful people with good answers! Beer 4U2

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