Slow filling toilet tank

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Slow filling toilet tank

One of our three toilet tanks is very slow to fill. What could be the problem? The fill valve?
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It could be one of 2 things, the assembly in the tank or something in the shut off valve under the toilet.
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toilet tank fills very slowly

we are having the same problem with one of our toilets, and i would like to know what can be done to alleviate this problem. this problem suddenly started about 2 weeks ago, for no apparent reason. after one flushes the toilet, one barely hears or sees the water coming in to the tank, and it takes a reeeaaal long time for the tank to fill. what could be the cause? and how can it be "cured"?
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rebecca.....turn off the shutoff valve at the wall...remove the supply line from the tank ,if its a hose, you can direct it to a bucket then open the valve and check flow. If its not a hose, go get a stainless steel one before you start and attach it to the cutoff valve then test.

While you are at the store, pick up a replacement fill valve for inside the tank. You can probably get the supply hose and a Fluidmaster fill valve for around $15. You can always return it if its not needed.
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But what if...

My toilet refills slow unless I shut the valve off at the wall and then turn it back on. What gives?

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The washer inside the valve may be loose and the shutting off process may be pushing it back in place.solution is replacing the valve as most made within the last few decades are not repairable and the problem suggests a need for replacement.Parts are not standardized so using new valve parts in an old valve is not an alternative.

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