Toilet gushing water between tank and bowl


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Unhappy Toilet gushing water between tank and bowl


I have a Gerber toilet and have used two (what seem to be appropriate and installed correctly) gaskets. Each gasket has produced the same results. I fill the tank enough to cover the bolts, no leaks. I fill the tank to cover the flush valve, no leaks. I flush that little bit of water, all is well. I fill the tank a few more inches, no leaks. Flush those few inches and gush water comes gushing out between base of tank and top of toilet. What am I doing wrong?
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You've probably solved this by now, but I'll take a SWAG at it: Is it possible the weight of the additional water causes the tank to shift and therefore leak? Maybe the gasket doesn't fit all that well after all. I just bought a universal gasket for my toilet and it seemed to fit, but it dripped. I then replaced it with the exact match for the make/model (had to go to plumbing supply house) and it worked perfectly. Disclaimer: I'm not a plumber. Also, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BOLTS!
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Yeah and another 2 cents.... careful on the 2 piece toilets that the tank is being tightened straight down and not on an angle. You want to tighten it down until the ceramic on the tank bottom just touches the top of the bowl front and back. Then you should be good to go.
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The problem is definitely the gasket

I am posting this response for all those who might have the same problem--water gushing out from between the tank and the bowl when there is a full or almost full flush. I had the same exact problem. The Gerber toilets require a gasket which is a little thicker. It should be 1 3/16 in thick. The universal replacement ones will not work. Check your local plumbing supply store (not Home Depot or Lowes) for a specific gasket for Gerber. If you can't find it, go to to order one. I am one happy camper after finally finding the solution for my toilet!
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