Constant clogging toilet issues


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Constant clogging toilet issues

Our house is eight years old; we have three Gerber 1.6 gpf toilets that were installed by the builder. Ever since weíve moved in weíve had random issues with a toilet plugging (all three of them), sometimes when somebody just went pee!! Iíve had Roto Rooter out and they snaked two of the toilets but found nothing too alarming, at least that would be a direct cause for the problems. Weíve tried different types of toilet paper; Iíve tried dish soap and hot water, which sometime works, but only temporarily. The adults use the courtesy flush rule, but itís a little alarming wondering if the contents will go down or overflow on you while youíre in a rather vulnerable position. Itís gotten to the point were one of my daughters is terrified to flush the toilet after going poop. If anyone has suggestions that can help these toilets operate normally I would greatly appreciate the input. Thank you in advance for reading (and hopefully helping fix this issue).
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I assume that Roto Rooter snaked the line and not just the toilet?

If they have I would have to lean toward the toilets being the problem, bad design.
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sounds like the toilets are not built very well I'd look into the brand and see if you can locate others who have had similar issues.
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How good is the venting?

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Another vote for venting. If a toilet can't drain rapidly then it will fill instead of flush.
And venting is as important as a clear drain.

It could still be drainage as well. Do these problem occur with any noticable pattern that relates to other drain usage?

Then again, you have three identical toilets. So ...could also be the toilet. Why don't you do a web search on your toilets. Yes the internet is that advanced!
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Here's the fix...

Most of the first generation low volume toilets were poorly designed. It sounds like your 8 years old ones are those. They can be made to work much better with some effort and some know how. I own 125 apartments and maintain lots of toilets. There isn’t much I don’t know about them whether there 80 years old or new. If you are handy you here’s what you do to fix your low volume toilets. Remove the tank off of the toilet. Take out the flush valve and replace it with a new Fluidmaster flush valve. (any hardware or big box store) Before installing the flush valve cut the overflow tube were it is just below the bottom of the hole for the handle. By doing that you will use the maximum amount of water volume possible and creating a much better flushing action for a complete flush. Believe me they flush like a rocket because in most cases the flush-way in the toilet is smaller than the old toilets where and the extra water creates great velocity with the flush. When I replace a toilet that a tenant broke, for whatever reason, I buy the cheapest toilet I can find replace the flush valve in this manner and they all flush better than even the old 3 gallon toilets. I have done this for friend’s toilets and they rave about the improvement. While you have the tank off replace the fill valve also. Sounds like yours are due anyway. You can purchase a whole Fluidmaster kit for less than $25.00. Try it just one of your toilets and you will be amazed. Then you can do the other two and live happily ever after.
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All three toilets already have fluidmaster 400 flush valves. The water level was set to the lower level on all three toilets. Iíve adjusted them to the upper level so the water is just below the top of the overflow tube. Will this get me to the same result you were thinking?
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All these new low flush toilets are supposed to industry rated from 1-10. My home center sells some only rated 5. Fora little more, I bought the 10, for a rental. After all, if a toiltet don't flush good, he'd have to pay me to go there and see what is wrong. A couple such calls and the 10 rated toilet would have paid for itself over the 5-rated! They all generally have discharge holes from 1 7/8 to 2 1/8th, now.

Find out what the rating of your toilet is!

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