toilet conversion


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toilet conversion

I need to replace the fill valve on a toilet and I saw a conversion kit to give the toilet 2 flushing options for #1 and #2. I was wondering if anyone has experience/opinions with these?

Sorry I can't find a link to the actual product, it was at Costco and was around $20.
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There are several diffent types out there. Amazon has a couple listed. Some use a lever that you push right or left, others use a split button, top is low flush, bottom is full flush.

The second is cable operated I believe, the first uses levers more like a regular flush valve.

There are even some that you don't have to replace the entire flush valve...they just take the place of the flapper assy. MJSI HYR270 HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter: Home Improvement
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A fill valve would not give the option of dual flush, that would take a special flush valve.

I would caution against trying to retrofit a toilet to dual flush because it probably won't work. Dual flush toilets are engineered to utilize the dual flush option and trying to retrofit would likely just cause a slight dilution of the, ahem, "liquid waste" without actually doing a flush.
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Yes, depending on the type of toilet, the conversion kits may not always work. We have 3 bathrooms with 2 different types of toilets and were able to install the MJSI conversion kits on all of them!

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