Toilet won't fill - need to flush w/bucket of water


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Question Toilet won't fill - need to flush w/bucket of water

I need to see if this can be fixed with a minimal amount of money.

One of the toilets in my house does not refill with water - actually the tank is empty. It won't fill at all.

We have well water and my fear is that there is a mineral buildup in the water lines. However, I'd like to know if there could be another reason...maybe the flush valve is clogged with calcium?

We have noticed that our water pressure is getting less and less strong. The 1/2 bathroom (on the first floor) has almost no water pressure, hot or cold, in the sink. Since I never use that bathroom, I don't know about the pressure in the toilet.

The upstairs water pressure is good but waning in the kitchen & bathroom sink, the tub-which is not part of the shower-has a noticeable loss of pressure and the hot water in the shower is starting to wane.

The house is 20 years old.

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You can test the toilet supply by shutting it off and disconnecting it, then aiming the end into a catch bucket while you turn the supply back on.

If that isn't a problem then you can assume that this is due to a nonworking fill valve inside the tank.

You may rethink this problem as an issue with the pipes but you could also make a post in this forum
Wells, Sump Pumps and Septic Sewage Systems - Community Forums describing the situation with the whole house and see if anyone can identify any tests or give information on what is more likely a solution.
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Well Problem

The first thing I would check is how much pressure you have when the punp shuts off; should be 50-60lbs. and work from there.
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Received 3 Votes on 3 Posts water expert..but it sounds like you know what the problem is. You may be lucky and its not the pipes themselves...but all the valves, aerators, and connections..

Sounds like you really need a water softener...

Maybe one of the well water guys will have some suggestions, but I think you have some valve and supply line connection work in your future.
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