Toilet wax ring: on toilet first, or on flange first?

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Toilet wax ring: on toilet first, or on flange first?

Replacing my toilet (Toto Supreme). Toilet flange on the floor is 70-year old (as old as house and cast-iron sewer lines). Question: does the toilet wax ring (reinforced, with plastic horn) goes on base of toilet first, or on flange first? Thanks!
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I use the wax without the plastic and squeeze it so it sits up higher on the flange. If the flange is reseesed below the finish floor you can use 2 wax rings to make one fat one. By doing this you can feel the toilet and the wax fitting together and not just the toilet sitting on the floor not making a connection with the wax. To answer your question, I set it on the flange and have been doing so for 30 years.
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I usually put it on the flange. But ive seen it done both ways with same success. I DONT however recommend using 2 wax rings to make up any space differances. either use a thicker wax ring, or get a flange extender.
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Wax Ring

I'm a complete amateur at this and did my first wax ring repair a few weeks ago. So far so good. My DIY book instructed to put ring on toilet horn. I purchased a heavy duty thick ring from GUNK as I figure amateurs like me need all the help they can get whilst the pros can be more targeted in their approach. Sounds like either way will work, you have a gent with 30 yrs experience responding so you should get a result either way. Don't overtighten the toilet bowl bolts, you could crack the bowl. Just snug them up. Also use your weight to evenly settle the bowl and compress the wax ring. I left a gap at the back unsealed so I can test fro water leakage, but I believe there are folks for and against this approach. I also sealed the bowl using plumbers putty and again there seems to be varying thoughts on what to use, from nothing to silicone caulk to plumbers putty. Good luck
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Either way works but I think putting it on the flange is easier and that's what I do
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Well, I put mine on the horn since I kinda feel thats the most important joint...esp when using a horn type. If it doesn't seal that good to the may get some odor..but shouldn't see any water.

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