Upgrade toilet for water savings?


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Upgrade toilet for water savings?

Have 20yr old Mansfield White toilet, with 14" bowl height. Possible leaking wax ring. Something leaks, tank or wax ring, cant tell right away. Anyway going to pull toilet & install wax ring.
Question: Thinking of new unit, and water conservation over long run, how much on average would you expect to save on water in a year? I realize this is very general question.
Or maybe like most fixtures, I should just figure this unit has been used long enough, and change it just for general purpose because of age?
(Second toilet in house has 16" high bowl, is that more the norm?)

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Your existing toilet is probably a 1.6 gpf. From there you can figure your daily/annual consumption. Or you can go on the internet and find all sorts of claims about toilet water usage. Unfortunately, the numbers seem to be compiled by people that want you to buy one of there low consumption toilets or by people who want everyone to live in a cave.

My take on toilets. Primarily I want efficiency. I want it to work properly. What good is a 1.0 gpf toilet if you have to flush it 3 times to get rid of solid waste?

Unless you live in an area where water supply is an issue, or your water bill is astronomical I wouldn't worry about it. After all, today's flush will probably end up being somebody else's bathwater someday.
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Replace the wax ring, let the bowl fill but don't flush it for a couple days - if you see a leak, you have a cracked bowl

You have to flush it to get water past the wax ring so not flushing takes it out of the equation

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