Wax or wax-free (glue-on) toilet seal? Both? Plungers?


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Wax or wax-free (glue-on) toilet seal? Both? Plungers?

I have been studying this issue before reinstalling the toilet.

Which kind of seal is better if the bottom of the china is not completely flat all around the discharge horn?

And which kind of seal can handle the pressure from the toilet plunger better?

The (Fernco) stick-on ("wax-free") is very appealing because it may stick more reliabily at the top. But my toilet has 2 channels near the base of the discharge horn, right where the Fernco would glue. I question whether it would attach well down into these channels. And might these come loose with regular use or from using the plunger. Could you slather epoxy down there for attaching the "wax-free"?

The wax seal appears to have more flexibility and is much wider in terms of contact with the bottom of the china around the discharge horn and would fill the little channels better. But, the wax seems more prone to developing a leak especially at the top due to movement, or maybe from plungers...?

Has anyone ever used both? One glued onto the bottom of the toilet and everything pressed into a wax seal under it on the floor flange?

Can I get some of your thinking on this?

Many thanks as always, Gary

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I have no experience with the wax-free method but a wax ring will leak if the stool moves
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Tried and true wax ring.

Nothing has come close as a replacement.

Wax or any other type of seal is for sewer gas protection. There is no water tight product.

The key is make sure your toilet is installed properly so it will never rock.

The next key in to have the flange installed properly. To high or low then you have issues with the above step of mounting the toilet securly.

If your constantly plunging your toilet then you have a crappy toilet. ( Pun intended )

I have champion 4 toilets. I threw my plunger away. No clogg in the 5 yrs since install.

Toilets set in plaster. Old plumber trick. Toilet will never move.

Mike NJ
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The wax free rings have worked well in my rental houses where there is some movement of the toilet provided you install them on a new toilet and you get the correct size to fit your drain pipe properly. They can be stuck on old toilets but you have to clean the bottom very, very clean. MEK is the only thing I've found that quickly does a good job removing old wax but even then they do not seem to stick as well.
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I'll agree with Mike on the Champion4's. No plunging in the past year that I have had it in my wife's bathroom. Plunging does not put pressure on the wax seal. For the most part you aren't "pushing" but "pulling" when you plunge to free stuff up. The airways in the rim prevent positive pressure from building.
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Thanks for the great info.

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