1st floor toilet leaking into basement


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1st floor toilet leaking into basement

1st floor toilet leaking into basement. A friend and I have tried reseating the toilet 3 or 4 times, even tried doubling the wax ring. There is a plastic flange that is cemented to floor that is used to bolt toilet down, could that be causing it to leak. We have poured water down drain and there were no leaks, but when he poured water around cemented plastic flange it leaked into basement. I don't know much about it but it seems that using that much wax would keep even that from making it leak and if it is that is there something that can be used to seal the flange without having to dig it out and replacing it. We only have one toilet and replacing and cementing a new one in would take awhile.

Thanks in advance for any help and/suggestions

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Is the plastic flange connected to a plastic elbow or is it one of the old lead bends? If it's a plastic elbow, can it be raised a little. It sounds like it could be too low. There are also rubber seals that take the place of wax seals. Try that first.
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If the toilet flange is resting on top of the finished floor than one wax seal should be adequate. The flange does not seal at the OD so any water there will leak through the floor.

Have you looked closely at the base of the toilet and the flange itself for cracks?

Here is the rubber seal that Pulpo mentioned. I have used this seal with sucess. They are inexpensive and might be worth a try.

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