Garbage disposal runs but sink is clogged


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Garbage disposal runs but sink is clogged

After putting a bunch of green beans (with stringy fibers) down the disposal, the disposal will continue to run (churn), but the water will not go down the drain. I was able to pull out lots of stringy fibers when I put my hand into the drain, but the water still won't drain. Any suggestions on how to get the water to drain?

This is a double sink, and the other side is draining normally.
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I doubt that you will like my answer but if I were you I would remove the garbage grinder in its entirety and replace with a standard basket strainer and requisite fittings to mate back up with the drain. Garbage grinders are far too much trouble for what little they accomplish in my not-so-humble opinion.
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Snake it

Snaking the sink drain should do the trick, you probably did not remove all of the obstruction. Since the other side is working properly, I do not think this is a major issue. Snake the drain, that should do it.
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I am with Furd. I dislike disposals. They are more trouble then good.

Anyway with a dual sink there is a tee or wye where the two sinks meet. There is a baffle in there. That is most likely where your clog is. Your stringy stuff most likely never made it past there.

The baffle is there so when you drain one sink it does not flow into the other pipe and into the other sink.

Dis-assemble the tail pieces and such and clean it out.

A trick is to plug the other sink and fill it up a lot. Then let the water out of that sink and quickly plunge the clogged sink with a plunger. You may just get it to flow. may take a couple of attempts.

Hope this helps.

Mike NJ
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Thumbs up IT Worked!!

After replacing the garbage disposal (i thought for sure it was broken), the sink was still not draining. I found this thread, and we decided to try the plunger tip. It worked!!
Too bad i didnt see this post BEFORE we purchased a new garbage disposal, as this was probably the problem all along!!
Thanks for the tip!
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Welcome to the forums! Glad some of our archived threads helped out. Don't be a stranger. We need help, and if you can help, jump in. Or else, let us help you with your projects/problems.
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Red face Before wasting your money on a plumber, try this.

Try a plunger first. If that does not work, boil a huge pot of water, pour about 1 cup baking soda in the disposal and then 1 cup vinegar. Let that sit about 15-20 minutes then pour the boiling water down the drain. Try this twice before giving up. Worked for me!
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