Tile shower with Fiberglass pan

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Tile shower with Fiberglass pan

I remodeled my basement. I was able to put in a shower, but I had to tile the walls due to irregular shapes. There were pipes and other things cutting through one corner, so I just made that into a shelf.

I put plastic around the studs, then put cement board. The cement board came flush with the top edging of the fiberglass pan. I tiled the cement board and then grouted. I heard that I should and that I shouldn't caulk the seam along the bottom where the tile gave way to the pan. I caulked it.

It was great for about 9-10 months. Then I noticed a lot of cracks in the grout. It was mostly in the corner opposite the shower head. There were no problems, then I noticed that the bottom stud on the wall opposite the shower head was damp. I adjusted the shower head and made certain to pull to curtain. But it was staying damp.

That summer I ripped out the tile and noticed that the tile were NOT very well adhered to the cement board. I re-did the cement board and the tile. This time I used double the screws hoping to stop the cracks. I also made sure the plastic lined right to the edge of the fiberglass pan so that any leaks would be sure to drip into the pan.

9-10 months of smiles and then BAM cracks and soon after damp again. I replaced the shower head with a "rain" version hoping that it was still splashing out of the curtain as that was the only place that it was seeming to get wet. Great for over a month and then damp again. It was VERY damp and all in one day.

I am about to rip out the whole damn thing and start over. Any advice or suggestions? I moved out the washer which sits on the other side of the "damp" wall and noticed the damp was long the hole stud and it was very damp at the back. I am not very sure it is not "splash over" and must be leaking through the tiles or from some of the plumbing in the wall or under the pan.

I am very frustrated. Not sure what to do. I am going to probably do what I can to just get a fiberglass insert to fit the space and be done with it.
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Welcome to the forums! What are you using to adhere the tile to the concrete backer board? Wild guess would be mastic, which is not good in a wet area. You should be using modified thinset. You said "wrapped the studs", and I hope you meant you installed a vapor barrier over the studs, continuously around the shower area. Would you be able to post a few pictures (not close ups please) so we can see what you see? http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...your-post.html
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The corners should not be grouted, they should be caulked.
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did you by any chance use treated lumber for your framing?...if so, when it dries out they twist and warp causing the tile installation to move, causing grout failure

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