Trying to remove tub spout - won't budge

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Trying to remove tub spout - won't budge

The spout does not have any set screws that I can see. There is an opening on the underside of the spout near the wall, but I shined a flashlight up there and the only thing there is the copper pipe. There's no screw.

So I assume this is a twist off type, but I've tried using my hands and various length screwdriver in the spout mouth for leverage and I can't get it to twist. I'm afraid of breaking something more than the spout. Whenever I pull on the spout, the faucet handles also move, but I assume that's because I'm putting tension on the pipes.

I just want to see if anyone had any other suggestions...if this could possibly be something other than twist off even though there's no set screw? My next step is to get a pipe wrench and try to use that, but again, I'm afraid of causing damage to things other than the spout.

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Hi, Take a hacksaw and cut away the spout in pieces untill you can see what you have. Don't cut the pipe.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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