New tub won't drain even with stopper pulled out.


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New tub won't drain even with stopper pulled out.


My tub will not drain at all. Its a newer tub and has been used successfully only a few times. I pulled out the entire Gerber lever assembly (trip lever, linkage and metal stopper (the heavy cylinder at the bottom) but the tub will still not drain at all. (See attached photo)

Since I pulled out the stopper/plunger I would think the water would have to drain. The tub was installed one year ago. The drain has a cover which would prevent a shampoo cap from getting in there. I really doubt there is a hair clog because the tub hasn't been used that much and its users don't have hair falling out. I used a hanger as a snake but I'm not catching anything.

Does anyone have any ideas? The tub hasn't shifted so the water level didn't change. The metal stopper looks intact so I don't think it broke off.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Sarah, The plumbing guy (Mike) will be along with the right answer, but in the mean time, have you snaked the trap for the tub yet?

If you look at the diagram that Mike provided in the ktink19 thread you can see the tub trap located below the tub. You'll need a longer snake to reach it. You can also see that the stopper is located away from the tub drain cover. Have you removed that and snaked back to the overflow?
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Welcome to the forum! I deleted your other post because duplicates are discouraged and actually not allowed on this forum. This helps keep all replies in one thread.

Here is the thread Wayne is referring to:
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Hi, Did you check the tub shoe? Sometimes they get hair in them. Shine a light in there and if you see some hair start pulling it out with needle nose pliers. Take small bites and be gentle with the pull. I've cleared a lot of drains that way. I get about a cup of hair when I do it.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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By all means have you tried plunging the tub????

Stuff a damp rag in the overflow to make a seal, and plunge away...

Let us know.

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