how do i get to unseen leaks?


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how do i get to unseen leaks?

I have a cast iron tub, and have a leak somewhere between the wall that it's against and the kitchen. I'm wondering how to get the tub loose to slide it out to look for the leak? When I use the hot water(in the tub only) water starts slowly puddling up from under the tub on the bathroom floor, and runs out from under the kitchen cabinets because the bathroom and kitchen share a common wall. I can see no evidence of where the water is coming from. It's not the drain because i've plugged it and the same thing happens!
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Welcome to the forum.
Can you access the wall from the kitchen side?
It might be easier to cut a hole on the kitchen side (back side of the wall) then to move the tub with the drain and all. You would have to disconnect the tub drain to move it.
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What type of faucet? The only place it would leak if you sure its not the drain or tub strainer is from the tub overflow, or the packing nuts on the faucet. Additionally it could be piping that leads to the tub spout or shower.

To be sure its not the drain try to pour water down the tub drain from buckets from a sink. This way you do not need to run the tub faucet to test. Then you can rule out the drain or strainer.
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Have you tried re-puddying the drain. I am not familiar with cast iron tubs but in regular ones there is a puddy that seals the outside of the drain to the tub. So basically your test of putting in a plug would not rule out the drain, since the water would leak between the drain mechanism and the tub.

If I recall, you can just stick some needle nose plyers inside and turn the drain counterclockwise and it should unscrew out. Put in some new plumbers puddy and screw it back in.

If your tub has this set-up, I would re-do that puddy first before I started breaking into walls.

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