please help me fix garbage disposal!


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please help me fix garbage disposal!


My friend dropped a very small (5 cm) ceramic soy sauce dish into the Badger 5 garbage disposal. It was, of course, shattered and I pulled out as many pieces as I could by putting my hand into the top of the disposal.

The disposal was making the humming noise so I pushed in the red reset button and the disposal started working again but only temporarily. The red button popped out after I checked it. Also, the disposal was really hot and there was a burning smell coming from it. I tried the same process again and the same thing happened again. Now, I am afraid I shorted it or busted the motor and I have to buy a new disposal.

I tried using the allen wrench underneath the disposal but is it supposed to fit comfortably into a slot? I just put it in there and started back and forth pretty aggressively but I cant see under the sink so I am not sure if it actually got into the slot. As you can tell, I am terrible at apartment repairs. Also is it safe to use a power vacuum to suck out more pieces from the disposal? Please help. Thanks.
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IMO badger 5 are the basic GD. Do what you can to clear it, but imo get a better disposal. Non jamming style...
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What Mike said. If you are on a septic system, I would do away with the GD. Even if not, they usually cause more problems than they are worth because you have to buy higher end GD's to do the job.
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it seems like it is working for 2 seconds and then it goes back to the humming sound and then it stops again. the reset button is also popped back out and it is getting hot underneath. I've rinsed, done and repeat four and five times but the same thing keeps happening. Should I just keep doing it or just pull off the disposal (if that is easy)? thanks.
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Unplug the disposer, remove the flange to disconnect the dishwasher hose (if applicable), disconnect the plumbing, then turn the large ring that connects the disposer to the sink to release it. At that point, you could turn it over, see if you can jiggle whatever fragments out of there, and check it again, or you could simply replace it, because, as was already mentioned, Badger is a lower end unit.

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