BIG Chunk of Toliet Broke Off Into Plumbing


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BIG Chunk of Toliet Broke Off Into Plumbing

Okay so my dad was helping in replacing a toliet but the bolt that were holding toliet down were rusted so he decided to break the toliet at the base with a hammer to free it and that worked.

When the toliet was being moved a big chunk of toliet fell into the a child's or woman's closed small fist. Will that be okay?

There not a way to retrieve it from where it went down cuz the plumbing is curved and so its no where in site...again is this ok, or potential problem in the future?
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Welcome to our forums!

Yes, it most definitely will be a problem.
You have no choice but to retrieve it now because if you install the new toilet it will get pushed further down the line and make removal more difficult.

Is there a basement or crawlspace where you can access the line?
It may not have gone far past the elbow that you can see.
You could fashion a hook out a coat hangar and fish it out.
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I agree. Big problem!

You'll think you can ignore it an put everything back together. Flush the toilet a few times and get all happy that it's working fine. Then over the coming days & weeks that chunk will snag bits of paper & stuff and most likely clog. Since it's a solid piece of porcelain no drain snake or auger will touch it and don't even consider pour down the drain wonder chemicals. It might be a good application for a professional plumber with a camera. They can send the camera down the drain and see exactly where the chunk is and exactly what pipe to cut out to access it. Yes, the plumbers visit will cost you a hundred but it's cheap in the long run versus fishing around opening up pipes in your house.
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Yeah as greg said it can be big trouble if its gets out to the yard/street....

If it jams somewhere out there you may be lucky if its your yard... Heck just dig 3 or 4 ft...

If it gets past the town c/o and stuck in a drop ell to the main at the street the town will not be too happy...

Its a big bill...$$$$$$$

How do I know??? I tried to push a 1/2 of a brick down the line to the street main and thats where it got caught up...
( Was using a camera with a 10k head on it... and dont ask how a brick got in the main....:NO NO NO

What do you think the cost of opening the street up cost????

Anyway...yes cut the pipe in the basement or crawl if you have one...( I hope ).. May be able to push it to a near by clean out... I would use caution....

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Well by the time I read this I have already put the new toilet in place and it's been used multiple times so I will keep you guys updated on how it goes.

Also this house didn't have water shut off valves on the plumping for toilet and sink so we put them in place. One of the water shut off valves was defective! OMG Water was everywhere!

Another water shut off valve was put in by my sister and she didn't put it on the off position like the previous others she did and I turned on the water and again, water was everywhere, this time it when into the air duct. One problem after another, hopefully there wasn't much water in the air duct as that can be a potential problem as well. Pray for me that there isn't or more problems with future renovations and I'm not even religious.

Sometimes if you want things done right, you got to do it yourself. LOL
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If it's not something you think you can do yourself - start saving up for a plumber visit!
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quick update, all is still good

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