toilet not flushing - easy way to check for blockage in the s curve?


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toilet not flushing - easy way to check for blockage in the s curve?

Have used a six foot snake as well as plunger ,, also have replaced all the tank gear with new parts .. Toilet is about 15 years old or less .. Have had the vent on the roof checked thoroughly by roofers and informed me that there is no blockage at the vent .. My second toilet in the next room near by works fine .. have a YouTube link for anyone to analyse ..

My concern is if I purchase a new toilet there may still be a problem .. am thinking now of pulling the toilet and checking underneath for any type of inserted blockage .. The toilet used to flush slowly in the near past but these past ten days have been the worst for a thorough good flush ...

is there a better snake for checking the passage way??
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I spent months on mine. Same steps as you. I was convinced that it couldn't possibly be a defective toilet. Turned out it was the toilet. I think the minerals in the water had finally taken their toll.

Use a toilet auger snake.

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It could be the toilet. One check is to get a bucket with a couple gallons of water and quickly pour it into the center of the bowl. This should cause the toilet to flush. If it flushes well with the bucket of water it shows that the drain lines are not the problem.

I see a toilet "go bad" every year. Most commonly it's caused by things in the tank that somehow get down into the passages under the rim of the bowl. Pieces of broken hardware, minerals and worst are in tank toilet cleaners especially the dissolving mint type. Check to see if water comes out of all the holes up under the rim. In the video it looks like you have a jet hole at the very bottom of the bowl. Also make sure you have good flow from it (rubber glove time).

Do you have children? I've had one toilet where the child pushed a ball down the toilet. It was big enough to make it into the trap but not out the other side. The toilet would drain slow and I could pass a snake through it but never make it flush right. I took the toilet outside and sat it on bricks and did the water bucket test and it still backed up. Ran my snake through and could see it come out the bottom clean. So, giving up I smashed it with a hammer to discover the plastic ball inside.
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There are a couple of reasons for the problem you are having.
Pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. Does it flush? If no plunge it or get a bowl auger to clear it. If it flushes the problem may be a lime build up in the bowl. Clear all the holes under the rim and the jet in the bottom of the toilet bowl. You can use a wire or small screw driver.
I use muratic acid because it can get where a wire canít. I use about a quart and pour it into the overflow tube in the tank I let it set for about a half hour then flush.
Muratic acid is used in swimming pools to balance the PH.
I get it at Home Depot.

Good Luck Woodbutcher
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