Mixet Shower valve - stuck - top part comes out - not the bottom

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Mixet Shower valve - stuck - top part comes out - not the bottom

Bottom part of mixet valve stuck in pipe.

- have tried CLR and Vinegar to loosen, no go
- have destroyed old valve plastic cover, but retained screw
- have tried using hair dryer to heat pipe, no go

am I missing something here?

I put the new valve upper stem back into old lower thats stuck in pipe and water back on, does not leak at least, wantto get that lower part out.

any suggestions?

also old upper stem had some sort of grease on it, is this necessary for new part as well?

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okay - got this done thanks to Goodman plumbing out of Palm Springs.

we both had a heck of time trying to solve what the deal was...

the bottom third of the valve that does come apart became "Stuck" in the 3/4" pipe.

after trying to pry it out I gave up for fear of damaging the actual valve inlet.

- Now I did destroy the white plastic part of the adjuster above by prying on it, the screw was removed and I had been trying to use that to get a hold of it and pull the bottom part out - but it would not budge at all.

-Plumber showed up and to no avail he had the same problems - just couldnt get ot to move.

- so we looked at it and did some fancy prying with wood blocks and pry bar and loosening spray and still nothing !

- I recommended a spindle type of puller, well that would be a great tool for someomne to design for this problem,

- then we came up with the screw a few nuts and some washers - and that worked, took some time but the left hand threaded bolt into the bottom with two washers and a nut on the outside and a nut on the top tightening down and pressure on the washers did just the triick !

well now - think its over? NOPE !

new valve I got at Home depot when installed with all its parts just would not work properly, had us dumbfounded.

the Plumber said he thinks he had one in the truck - well he did and guess what? the one i had and have seen at Home depot are missing one vital spacer - its a plastic spacer about 1/4" in width that needs to be in the package along with a small brass thin washer... this is vital for the valve and handle to work properly - it does not come with the package from home depot - it came in his that he bought somewhere else.

I even went back to home depot and 12 packages did not have this thicket washer, as his package did !

below is a picture of the washer needed, the thin brass washer was included, but not the thick plastic spacer/washer.
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I just wanted to post the result and how it was achieved as A I know this has to be a problem from time to time.

keywords: how to free a mixet valve - how to free a mixet shower valve that is stuck
mixet valve problem - mixet shower valve help
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Mixet shower valve stuck

I was surprised to see that this problem is not new. I have the same problem and the plumber want to remove a large section of the tile and replace the valve and cover the large opening with a plate. This seemed to be very costly when only the bottom part of the valve is stuck. Can you please explain how the bolt and washer combination worked? I have been having a problem finding a 3/8-16 left hand bolt. Did you screw the bolt in the stuck piece but not sure where to put the bolts and washers? Would appreciate some help and glad you got the bottom piece out of the pipe.
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first I would get vinegar inside the area however possible, because ultimately its that grit that holds it in place...

ok - so if I remember correctly - the front part of the valve screws into the back part opposite of a normal way - righty tighty lefty loosy... so its righty loosy etc...

so take a stud with threads and a nut on the end (actually the nut is screwed on about and inch and 3/4's on the opposite side of the stud that goes in -and screw it in the back part of the stuck valve (the front part of mine came out, look at a new one and you can see what I mean how they come apart and screw in opposite),

now before you side it in to the valve hole put about 5-6 washers on it, and the a few of them big enough to create leverage against the valve hole when it hits.

screw in the threads in the stuck valve a few rotations - adjust nut and washers now its getting tight and use nut as your grip - as you turn it the washer hits the stem and create pull towards you - keep turning and it will pop free....
but it wont turn anymore if you screwed the stud into the stuck part to much to begin with, it will bottom out - it needs room to travel in...

stud with threads and 4 washers then nut - make a few of the washers butt up against the valve stem hole for leverage

hope it helps - a valve puller would work too but my valve was so old it didnt have one for it
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Thanks for additional replys. thread is old... Please start new ... Thread closed.

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