Bathroom faucet dripping/trickling in fiddly ways


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Bathroom faucet dripping/trickling in fiddly ways

Hi guys! As usual I have no idea what I'm doing, but the last two times I asked for help here you guys helped me solve it 100% so I figure you can walk me through anything at this point. =)

Anyway we have developed a classic Dripping Faucet in the bathroom. It's slightly peculiar in that:
  • It only drips "sometimes"
  • You can make it stop dripping by turning the faucet's cold water tap on and off over and over again; sometimes it will just magically ... not drip, until the next time someone uses it (then it starts again, unless they play the On/Off Game)
  • Sometimes it drips slowly, sometimes quickly, and sometimes it's not a drip, it's actual trickle/stream of water that won't stop unless you play the On/Off Game
I have attached pictures of the sink fixture and also what it looks like under the sink (because I have no idea what part of this is actually important). I also circled where it's dripping and which tap 'fixes' things (I'm just trying to be thorough! haha).

If I need to take more things apart and/or take different pictures, just let me know and I'll go back and get more information. =)

TY to anyone who can tell me how to fix it!
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Replace the washer on the cold water side. In fact do both sides. Shut off the water supply with those isolation vales underneath. Remove the little cap on top of handle and unscrew the screw on top. The handle should lift off. Remove the stem and look at underside. Bring it to your home improvement store to match the washer. I suggest the bevel type as oposed to the flate stye.
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Hello: TeeEmAye


My guess is the faucet is the washer less type. No washer like the older style faucets. Under the handle, once you remove the top cap, will be a ceramic removable cartridge. Use the correct type of closed end wrench to remove the cartridge.

Hold facet in place using one hand while turning wrench to prevent entire faucet from also turning. Which can cause sink to crack or enamel to chip, etc.

Unscrew cartridge and replace with an OEM new one. Be sure to install the new plastic o-ring that comes with the new cartridge. And read directions on how to remove the clip and flip over the cap ring on the top of the stem, if need be. Doing this is required to make the cartridge either a hot water faucet or a cold water faucet.

In areas where the water is hard, tiny bits of debris scores the ceramic parts causing drips. One unique trick I discovered is to slightly open a drippy fully closed faucet until the drips stops. Drip usually stops if lever is not in the fully closed position.... Slightly, ever so little bit opened may stop the dripping until new cartridge is installed.......

BTW: The new cartridges are not CHEAP! $15 to $16+ BUCKS a-piece.... And they might not last more then 2-3 years. Are not repairable either...

Below may appear two articles on drippy faucets and how to repair. Look below thread.
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Hi guys! Well we made progress with your advice, I popped the caps off and got the screws out and took the handles off. The screws, the insides of the handles, and the cartridge (?) thingy that was exposed, are all covered with blue mineral deposits and rust-looking stuff. Nasty!

We used some shower cleaner to get most of the deposits off, so it looks a lot better in the pictures. But now we're stuck. The faucet's owner manual just says "Unscrew the cartridge" and then moves on to other steps for lifting it off.

But... how do we unscrew the cartridge? I've been trying to turn the big metal nut at the bottom, but it doesn't budge even slightly on either side. We got into an argument (lol) about which way to turn it, so I'm including a scientific diagram of my turning direction (ie, LEFT) so you can tell me if I'm just turning wrong.

I'm using a wrench like you said, the hex shape fits the size of the nut and it grips tightly, but nothing moves no matter how hard I turn it. (and yes I tried turning it right, it still doesn't move, haha).
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