Offsetting pipe between p-trap and tub overflow


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Offsetting pipe between p-trap and tub overflow

I'm planning on trying my hand at installing a bathtub and I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do this before I get started.

The rough-in is encased by a roughly 12 by 12" on center box. with the standpipe ending near the middle.

The issue is the waste drain of the tub I've been eyeballing is 7.5" O.C. from the wall. With a half inch of XPS foam and a 2x4 against the wall, the drain would fall almost exactly where the rough-in currently stands.

So the question is whether I can simply attach two 45 degree street elbows or something to the p-trap to offset the pipe a bit closer to the wall?

Exceptional drawing skills in case my description didn't make sense

I guess the other option would be moving the entire p-trap, but I would like to avoid tearing up the slab if I could. In the end, though, I just want to have done this correctly.

Thanks so much for your help!!
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Can you offset the position of your tub along the wall? Instead of having the drain/trap offset perpendicular to the wall have it run parallel.
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I considered that, but I'd have to move a wall just out of frame on the left that's currently bracing the floor joists under the kitchen.

I think the most elegant solution after all is to just build the plumbing wall out closer to the pipe so that the overflow can be directly above the trap, even if I have to bust out a chunk of concrete for the waste drain. It would give the plumbing wall more depth and much easier access anyway.

Only question now is whether there is some sort of standard for the distance between the overflow pipe and the wall?

Again, thanks so much!

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