Soap Suds overflowing in Kitchen Sink to other side


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Soap Suds overflowing in Kitchen Sink to other side

I washed dishes today in the kitchen sink and noticed a lot of sud buildup. while I ran more water, the suds went over to the other side of the sink.

Then I noticed my wife changed the dishwater soap. It says 3X more powerful or something similar.

Now could the problem be this soap that is causing too much soap and suds down the drain? I use the dishwasher too and will tonight to see if it does anything similar. But I considered the P trap under the sink and also maybe a clogged vent on top of the house (it's been wind last few days).
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The P trap is easy to access and clean so go ahead and make sure it's clear. A slow drain can make sudsing more a problem.

Yes, suds can be a problem. I would look at how much soap you are using. Using too much will certainly exasperate any sudsing problem. Many people and the commercials on TV make you think suds mean the soap is working but suds and cleaning ability are two separate things. Soaps made for dishwashers and washing machines are specifically designed for low sudsing because of the problems it can cause. Your water chemistry (hard or soft) can also affect how many bubbles you get so you may have more trouble than someone in a different town using the same soap.
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Just don't do as I did when I moved out of my parent's home in the 60's. I had never seen a dishwasher. Little door said "soap", so I put in liquid soap and started her up. You know what happened. Never did find that cat!
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Ran the dishwasher no problems. I use one of those pods for the dishwashing so maybe it is the soap.

I read some reviews on the 3x suds soap and some people had the same problem. so i am hoping it's just the soap that is causing too many suds.

I also read up on dual kitchen sinks. I guess I don't have a good design where I have a horizontal pipe that connects both sinks. I've read the best is to have it sloped on an angle.

Thank you for the help. I'll keep an eye on it and try using a different type of soap.

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