Utility sink drain question


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Utility sink drain question

I am looking to install a laundry tub (for use only for sink, there will not be a washing machine draining into this) and am curious on properly draining it. Firstly there is a 4" floor cleanout where I want to put the sink so I am looking to drain into that. I am mostly looking to find out if I need to vent this drain, and if so would a studor vent be ok for this.

I have attached a photo of a mockup for this. Any help is appreciated.

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I just thought of another question. If a vent is needed would it be ok to put a cleanout wye on top of this stack and reduce to 1.5" pipe to connect to either vent stack or studor vent?
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Yes you can put a clean out Y there... Yes a studor would be good... Put the sudor 3ft above the flood plane of the sink...

connect to either vent stack
No to the vent stack if any waste flows through it... Needs to be a dry stack or vent...
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Ok, so just to confirm I can bring the vent up out of the 4" drain by reducing to 1.5". And I can either use a stupor vent, or connect to a vent stack if I'm sure it's a dry vent.

I'll probably go with a studor vent then since I'm pretty sure there is a dry vent across the room but I'm not sure I can be 100% sure.

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