Commode/water box leans to right, how do I straighten it?


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Commode/water box leans to right, how do I straighten it?

Hello DIY Forum!

Question 1. How do I straighten a commode that is tilted to the right?

Question 2. Is there a kit I can buy to straighten a commode?

I am purchasing a condominium. It is a second (top) floor unit.

The development was built in the year 1969. The second level units have wooden floor joists with a plywood sub-floor and particle board finish floor.

The commode is leaning to the right from the front view. If you were sitting on the commode it would be leaning to the left.

The floor is a little bit un-level. It leans the same direction as the commode. But the commode seems to tilted more than the floor is off level.

Looking from the front the right edge of the water box is about 2 or 3 inches lower than the left edge of the water box.

There is caulk between the bottom of the commode and the floor. It is a good 1/2" high [the caulk separates the floor by about 1/2"].

The ring/bead of caulk is the same height on the right side of the commode as it is on the left side of the commode.

It's odd. I don't know what could be causing the commode to be tilted more than the floor tilts.

The realtor has promised to make repairs before we close on the unit.

He says the owner has told him that there is a kit you can buy to straighten the commode but has not yet made the repairs.

In case I end up having to make the repairs myself can anybody tell me where I can find a kit like that?
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It's not a good sign.
#1 particle board turns to oatmeal when it gets wet.
It's very common to have a wax ring fail and end up doing extensive damage below the floor.
The is no magic way to fix this.
One thing for it to be slightly out of level and use a shim, but that one sure sounds like it's way more then that.
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hi Jim

Im no plumber, or expert, just a newbie. But if that commode is inch above the floor, I think something is wrong there? I think it should be down ON the floor. Maybe the owner can explain that strange configuration and maybe that may help with understanding why it could be tilting?

But I could be wrong. Hope one of the plumbers weigh in.

Good luck!
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Likely the pipe the toilet connects to and the toilet flange is too high and sits proud of the floor. I am betting that the 'closet bend' needs to be redone and possibly the floor if it is water damaged. An experienced plumber will have some tricks to get that flange lower so don't be fooled if they say lowering it "cant be done"!
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If I was a betting man, I'll put my money down on Joe - your particle board is shot. Whole floor is going to have to come up.

Have you hired an inspector to look at the condo before you purchase? May be the tip of the iceberg on a money pit...
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I agree with Czizzi and Joe. That floor is in bad shape and will only get worse.

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