(Dishwasher Install) cold water supply under sink


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(Dishwasher Install) cold water supply under sink

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Hello, im trying to install a dishwasher to the underneath the sink. What you see in the photo was already installed under there.

The problem is I get no water from the blue water valve, when the blue tap is on/off and screw inline/out of line.

The tap on the left of the photo turns the water supply on/off to the sink.

any ideas? as im not familiar with the clamp style value used
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Just so everyone knows...OP is located on the Isle of Man.

Jason, I kind of doubt anyone will be familiar with what you have there. This is pretty much a N. American site. Sometimes we can help with global issues like A/C or appliances, but I'm not so sure about this. We'll have to see.

It looks like some sort of "saddle valve" (what we call them) or "self piercing valve" only much more robust than what you see here. They are NOT recommended in most cases as they are prone to leakage and clogging. Stand by, maybe someone will have a suggestion.
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Hi Jason –

I’m not a plumber or expert of any kind. But it looks like that is some kind of what is known as a “saddle valve” – I think (lol). It is placed around a copper pipe and actually punctures the pipe to tap into the water supply. I wonder if maybe it is just sitting on the copper pipe and hasn’t actually been installed to puncture the pipe. In other words, not really installed?

But I could be wrong, I’m sure the knowledgeable folks will weigh in.

However, I don’t think you are supposed to tap into the cold water for a dishwasher. Pretty sure you should be using the hot water line.

p.s. if that is in fact a saddle valve (if, lol) I’m pretty sure the pros will say do not use those. They have a bad rep.

just saw gunguys post. maybe on Isle of Man.
dishwashers connect to cold line? Good luck Jason!
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A common method here is the replace the hot water water supply valve under the sink with a dual valve.

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Agree with the others, wrong water line (should be hot) and wrong valve if a saddle valve.
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That looks like some kind of check valve or pressure regulator before the valve. If you have high water pressure it may be required for the dishwasher.

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Looks like a small block engine under your sink there.
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That device before the blue valve looks like another valve. That screw slot should run in the same direction as the pipe. If that does not work then the small hole that they drilled for that saddle valve may be clogged..

You may be able to remove and clean it out after to turn off the main water valve. But I would put a proper valve there.

But again if that is a cold water line that may be for an ice maker. Dishwashers typically hook to the hot waster side..

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