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Unhappy Smoking Garbage Disposal

Two years ago, when I moved into an apartment, a new Badger Insinkerator was installed. I NEVER use the disposal. I put all garbage in the trash and have a fine mesh drain cover so that food does not go down the sink. Periodically, I run ice cubes through the disposal to keep it smelling nice and clear out any built-up grunge.

Yesterday, I put the cubes in and flicked the wall switch. The motor hummed but nothing else happened. I flipped the switch off then on again, and this time nothing at all happened. No noise, nothing. I flipped the wall switch off again.

Within a few minutes I smelled something odd and looked under the sink and saw a very thin wisp (needed a flashlight to confirm) of smoke coming from the upper part of the disposal. The disposal was hot to the touch. I waited a few more minutes and looked again, and there was another wisp of smoke coming out of the gasket. The disposal was as hot as before. The wall switch was off.

I turned the power off at the breaker, ran lots of cold water down the sink and re-set the red button on the bottom of the disposal. The smoke stopped and the disposal cooled down.

Question: Can I re-set the breaker w/o danger of starting a fire in the disposal? Ie, the disposal still had some electrical power going last night even after the wall switch was shut off. The microwave is on the same outlet and I want to use it.

I don't use disposals and know nothing about the electrical setup. Does re-setting the red circuit breaker on the disposal make it safe the re-set the circuit at the main box? The disposal will not be used at all and I will have someone come out to remove it.

Thank you
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This is your landlord's problem not yours. You should do nothing other than notifying him.
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Two years ago, when I moved into an apartment, a new Badger Insinkerator was installed
Insinkerator has one of the best warranties in the business. Not only do they warrant the unit, but it is an in-home warranty where they will come out and repair or replace. Many people don't pay attention to this.
Contact owner and inform them of this.
Warranty length depends on model, but even the cheapest has a 2-year.

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