Old Faucet Hot Water Leak


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Old Faucet Hot Water Leak

I live with my parents in a house my grandfather built in the 50's. We have a relatively old faucet in the upstairs bathroom. One day it started to get difficult to shut the hot and cold water all the way off without applying excessive pressure to either of the valves. So my dad set out to repair it succeeding in fixing the cold water side sort of (you'll see what I mean in the pics to follow). Something about the hot water side prevented him from fixing it and what we have been left with is a hot water valve that doesn't always shut off all the way.

Basically now what is happening is when I come home for work I can hear the faucet but little to no water is actually coming out usually. Now if you turn the cold tap on the first thing that comes out is hot water even though no one has used the sink for 8 plus hours which tells me the hot water is essentially on. I'm very diligent about shutting the valve off if I hear it and I don't even use the hot water in that sink anymore. Which is really frustrating because now that the problem is worse I have to keep hearing about how I need to make sure the hot water is turned off tightly which I try to explain that I do only to be told again

So what I really need is any info on this kind of faucet that you guys may have or things I can do to repair it. I don't have a ton of plumbing experience but I can do basic repairs like this I just don't know much about old sinks or what parts I may need to find.

Its worth noting too I am a machinist by trade so I am able and willing to make a part if necessary or depending on the cost just replace the dang faucet so I never have to hear about this again.

As you can see the cold water side the handle is not attached anymore the aerator (or whatever its called) on the faucet itself is missing and the hot water handle as you can see is no longer level, it has not been adjusted that's just how much its moved from having to tighten it so much. It has been in precisely this state since my father "fixed it".

Just to be clear I understand basically what needs to be done I just need to know specifically how to do it with this particular sink. Any and all help/information is appreciated and if you need any more info about my problem I'm happy to provide it.

Thanks in advance,

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If you want to replace the faucet, get a can of PB Blaster, a faucet wrench & 2 flex connectors. If you are going to replace the drain too, get some plumber's putty.

Spray the connecters four 3 or 4 days twice a day before you attempt to remove it.
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This needs to be replaced. You've gotten more than its life's worth. However, it seems as though you need new washers. But I suspect the valve seats are probably corroded and need to be re-cut (if it's worth it or can even be accomplished). Remove the unit and bring it to a plumbing house and buy a new name brand quality unit with a lifetime warranty.
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