Ancient concrete laundry sink in basement


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Ancient concrete laundry sink in basement

Hi Guys, before I destroy this sink I need verification that it can't be salvaged. The dual sink assembly is not embedded in the concrete. I also know the sink is not to code (faucets not above water line, etc).

Walls are 1-3/4" thick, the flange on the strainer is 2-1/2", the strainer is 1 3/4" deep. No clue as to what that monstrosity is on the bottom of the sink. It would be rebuilt with PVC. Also, I think that in order to build a trap the entire sink may have to be raised to get the clearance?

Does anyone know of a strainer that would fit or do I need to remove everything for analysis. The newer "Bar Sink" strainers seems to be the correct item but I'm not sure if the depth is correct and the newer flanges seem too wide.

I'm already contemplating the "sledge hammer" solution but I think this one could be salvaged since the strange dual sink assembly on the bottom is not embedded into the concrete.

The site would not allow me to upload the image of the sink itself, sorry.

Any Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you hear a ringing from North Jersey ?

I had a single stone sink just like yours, also in the basement, also with a strainer problem but since it had recently sprung a crack I decided to replace it. I took the hammer to it. I had to. It was so heavy I couldn't move it..... never mind getting it up the basement stairs. The cement made a huge mess with pieces flying everywhere. I carried it out in 10 five gallon buckets.

I don't remember it getting down to the basement but I hooked it up many years ago. I had to raise the sink three inches in order to get the strainer and new trap high enough to catch my sewer line.

You should still be able to get a strainer, or two, to fit that.
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Thanks PJmax...I do recall hearing some ringing coming from several homes in NJ.

Many of the strainers I've seen so far have flanges that won't fit inside the countersunk area around the drain hole, but I'll measure again to make sure, my original measurement was of the strainer itself, not the countersunk area. The strainer offered from the plumbing supply company is 2-7/8". Also, I'm not sure how that manifold looking thingy attaches to the strainer if the strainer is 1-3/4" and the base of the sink is also 1-3/4".

And I guess the ancient saddle should be replaced, the new ones might actually provide the extra clearance needed for a trap? if so, a PVC saddle can be used on an Iron waste pipe, right?
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Okay. I took the sink apart, this is what I found:

1) The bizarre manifold looking thingy on the bottom of the sink have the strainers built into it.
2) It was not mechanically attached to the sink. I guess the weight of the sink compressed some old gasket or something which disintegrated a long time ago causing the leak.
3) The Concrete has a smooth porcelain finish under a layer of grey paint.
4) I "reamed" the drain hole (slightly) with a carbide encrusted file to get it to accept the new strainer.
5) A standard 2" deep Bar Sink Basket/Strainer assembly fit the opening and protrudes far enough past the 1-3/4 in thick walls of the sink to accept the installation nuts/washers.
6) I believe the flange seat has to be widened slightly so that the strainer will seat properly into the opening.
7) The pipe going into the Ancient Saddle seems to be made of Lead.
8) The distance from the sink bottom to the slanted waste pipe is 7 inches on the high side, and 9 inches on the low side.

I could not find this solution anywhere on the web so far, the only concern now is how to build a trap that will fit in the area without raising the beast.

Any design ideas for the trap would be greatly appreciated. I'm preparing to replace the ancient saddle with a new one. Maybe a 4in by 2in?
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