How to tighten kitchen faucet


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How to tighten kitchen faucet

I have a Delta faucet (this one) that came loose at the base. The counter is granite and there is only one cut-out, so all of the hoses come through the one hole. I have a standard faucet wrench, but that doesn't work because there isn't enough room to get the bulky thing around the nut to tighten it (see image). I thought a strap wrench would be good, but I doubt they're made to REALLY tighten a nut like this. That leaves a standard wrench, I guess, but even then I'm not sure if I'll have enough room to move it between the sink and the back of the cabinet for the open-end side, and I'm actually not even sure I'll have enough room for the box-end side to fit around the nut with all of these lines in the way (again, see image, it's ridiculous).

All that being said, there's nothing strange about my setup. I have to believe this is a common problem, and yet I can't find tips on what to do ANYWHERE. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I install these all the time. The installer should have left the plastic socket wrench with you after installation. I guess it wasn't left at house.

A few things:

A small 6" adjustable wrench will do it. You will have to hold wrench at a steep angle and will only be able to tighten very little at a time.

You can purchase a crow's foot attachment for socket extension.

Try contacting Delta via phone or internet. They have very good customer service and might send you the wrench.

--- Whatever way you tighten it. (see your picture) Move the part of mounting plate off the underside of sink. Try to move it so plate is solidly clamped against stone only. This lopsided or angled plate makes it almost impossible to secure faucet to where it doesn't move.

If you can't rotate plate off of sink, use a shim on other side of plate to get it flat. A piece of a paint stirrer or whatever you have handy.
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I have a small collection of those plastic wrenchs depending on what faucet is being installed. I also recommend calling Delta for the wrench. You can also see if your local plumbing supply house would have one laying around that you could purchase or borrow. It is a hollow plastic tube with the correct hex socket on one end and ears to turn it on the other.

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