Need Help With MOEN Shower Handle


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Need Help With MOEN Shower Handle

Hello everyone,

My MOEN shower handle keeps coming loose. I have taken off the handle, tightened everything up, put the handle back on, and then everything loosens up again. I had a random plumber out. He tightened everything also but it came loose again in 2 days. I don't want to use him again. Any help or videos?


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Is it the screw that keeps coming loose?
Is so use some red Loc-Tite on the threads.
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What model is it? Look carefully at the directions. Make sure your assembly is proper. You set screw is slipping against what I suspect is the white plastic piece. It will never hold. Your set screw should be screwed against a metal shaft.
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Couple of observations, one is that your whole valve seems to be sitting a bit far into the wall. This may be an issue as the trim handle hits the round back trim plate. One of my gripes about moen is that the fit is usually a little sloppier than that and the handle sits a inch or so off the plate. I therefore suspect something is not right here.

Remove the handle, remove the set screw on the black plastic piece. Then remove the large round trim plate by removing the two screws holding it in place. Then pull off the stainless collar with the bump on top to reveal the balance of how it is set up. Then re-assemble without the round back trim plate and see if it operates any better. The missing back plate will allow you to push it further back into the wall. Follow this exploded diagram to make sure things are put back in correctly. I somehow suspect that someone reversed one of the pieces to make the inner workings reach. If not assembled correctly, the set screw on the outer black part doesn't really reach.

Send revised pics with everything open.

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