Sink sprayer hose leaking.


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Sink sprayer hose leaking.

Hello all,

I've a problem with my sink sprayer hose. The part that attaches to the underside of the sink leaks. I used teflon or tfe paste on both sides of the nut, where I screw the nut on the sink, and the actual part where the hose connects to the nut. Should I just tape too? Do we know why it's still leaking? I was told that it's too small to use tape as well. Was also told to only screw hand tight. I'm stumped here, anything will help, thanks!
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Cameron - welcome to the forums!

Please provide a make and model number or your faucet. Many have proprietary attachment set ups. Knowing which one helps us provide assistance. You can also upload some pictures if you can not get the model number.
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How old is the faucet and sprayer assembly? A plastic part could have biodegraded and cracked.

Or maybe a crimp ring such as that holds the sprayer hose end onto the fitting that in turn screws to the next item, rusted out.
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Thanks for your replies guys. So here's two pictures, one is obviously of the facet. It's a moen, and that's all I know. The second is of under the sink. You can see the two lines hot and cold, and then in the middle, the sprayer line that connects to the sink. It's a two sided threaded nut, no clue what it's called. So I pasted the inside of the nut that connects to the sink, and threaded it on there. Then I pasted the actual sink hose, and then turned it hand tight and just a very small turn with some pliers. The sprayer and hose are actually new as well.


Here's a better picture of under the sink, couldn't upload it because of forum picture size restrictions.
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The board pic limit is 50Kb. Your picture is over 4M.

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You have a pre 2007 model faucet as the newer ones since then use a quick connect. There should be a large cone shaped black rubber piece inside the larger nut.

Is that larger brass piece a reducer ?

Normally the hose comes with a crimped fitting that connects directly to the threaded part under the faucet. It looks like yours may have been an aftermarket spray hose connected with an adapter.

The old Moen spray hose looked like this.....

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Yes, there are rubber washers in the fitting. The brass fitting is a reducer. It's not leaking from the sink > brass fitting, but from the brass fitting > sprayer hose connector. I have no clue why. Second sprayer I bought because I thought the first one was defective. It's brand new. I tightened the brass nut on, then turned slightly with a wrench, and then worked on the sprayer hose, and turned slightly with a wrench. I pasted both sides of the brass fitting with tfe as well.
Could I have tightened too hard? Not enough? Is the sprayer hose incompatible with the sink? Not enough tfe? Though I thought I used more than enough. I thought this would be an easy fix. Lol

Thanks for your continued support.

Edit: and the other one that was on there since I'm assuming the house was built, didn't use a reducer, but a single connector that was permanently attached to the hose, and needed only a few simple turns to install it.
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Your problem is the brass reducer, as you already know.

- Did the reducer come with new hose or was it purchased separately in order for hose to fit faucet?

IF it was purchased separately: The reducer to faucet connection doesn't leak because it is pipe threads to pipe threads. The hose to reducer connection leaks because the hose washer has no place to seat.

IF the reducer did come with hose: Remove all tape and paste from hose connection. Hand tighten plus 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Check for leaks and tighten a little more if needed.

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