Setting flange with mismatched floor heights


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Setting flange with mismatched floor heights

Wife and I are remodeling our bathroom and put the tile down a couple nights ago. I am realizing that it isn't quite as high as I was hoping and now my toilet flange is a bit off the ground.

Here are some pics for reference:

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The reason we didn't tile up to the pipe is because I had initially cut the subfloor too much to install the flange, so I put a 1/2" sheet of plywood over my mistake, thinking it would be about the same height as the CBU, thinset, and tile. It is pretty close but no cigar.

Although it looks like my real problem is the coupling attached to the wye joint is set up too high regardless. I have a spigot flange that fits nicely into it, but what you see in the pic is as far as it will set into the coupling, about 3/4" or so off the plywood and tile:

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Is this ok? I am thinking if I just stack some washers and use long screws to screw the flange down, that the toilet will sit on the tile and the wax ring will compress into the slightly raised flange. Is this a problem?
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Toilet Base Plates - Pro Products Sales

Maybe that might work.
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Makes no since to me to have used a coupling at all.
Should have just been a PVC pipe stub out, installed the tile then cut it off even with the finished floor.
Also looks like it's also sitting at an angle which is not going to seal.
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There is a coupling because I had to replace the old flange. It was cemented on, so that required cutting the pipe below the flange. Once I had done so, there was only a bit of a stub left, to which I attached the coupling thinking that the completed floor would be about the same height as the coupling+spigot flange.

I think the crookedness is just due to the way I had the flange loosely set on there.

Unfortunately, my time machine is in the shop. Any recommendations that could be implemented in the present?
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Time machine or not, it isn't correct, so we have to deal with what you have. Since your ceiling is finished below, you don't have access. Ideally you would have cut the pipe shorter, used a short coupling and a piece of pipe protruding above the subfloor, cut flush. Your flange would have glued directly to the pipe.

I believe your only recourse would be to finish tiling around the pipe, close, and installing one of the toilet supports mentioned in the link by Pulpo.
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Thanks Chandler. Roger it is incorrect, but I'm not sure I could have done anything differently. The stub that comes out of the wye is cut as short as it could be while still leaving enough to grab the coupling. The coupling is literally sitting on top of the wye, with the stub just acting as a gluing joint between the two.

When you say "short coupling", are you talking about a non-standard type sized one? Maybe a repair coupling would have been a better choice (had I known at the time) as I could have basically eliminated that half inch or whatever the inside lip is and butted the flange directly down through the repair coupling onto the short stub .

Regardless, I've decided to buy a 3" ram bit and just bore through the coupling and stub that comes out of the wye, and add a proper 3" PVC out of the wye. I'll cut it to the right length (after I have it glued up of course!! ) and attach a new female flange to that.
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