Frequent Faucet Cartridge Replacement


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Frequent Faucet Cartridge Replacement

Have become increasingly frustrated that I need to replace my faucet cartridges so often. They are Moen 1200/1225 cartridges in two sinks and two showers, and they usually need replacing at least once every year.

The area I live has very hard water, and I know this contributes to their demise. But my neighbors do not need to replace theirs so often, and usually say they have never replaced their faucet cartridges.

I've become very adept at replacing them now, but it's expensive to do so.

Is there anything I can do - short of installing a soft water system - to extend faucet cartridge lifespan?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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The only thing I know of is to pull them occasionally and clean with CLR or other cleaner to remove deposits. That's as hard as changing them though

I was under the impression Moen (likewise Delta and a few others), provide free parts for life.

Others may confirm that.
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Why would you want to avoid the reason why there failing, instead of having to replace them.
Hard water is going to cause issues with all the plumbing, hot water heater.
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Do you have galvanized plumbing? If yes, it is most likely rusted and depositing small bits of rusted metal into your cartridges. That plus a combination of hard water is harsh on cartridges.

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