Wax Free Toilet Seal Opinions


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Wax Free Toilet Seal Opinions

Hello everyone,

I would like to hear the opinion of those who have used both the wax and the wax free toilet seals and which is preferred. I've been intrigued by the wax free seals but am not sure if they do the job as well as the classic wax seals.
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Are you having trouble with wax rings? Which non wax seal are you considering?
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I'm not actually having any trouble or need one. I just saw the "new" wax free seals at a big box store and wondered if the time ever came that I needed one if the wax free seals work better than the wax seals. The wax seals I saw were made by Fluidmaster and the wax free seals I saw were made by Korky.
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The old wax seals are tried and true. I've never tried the wax free seals and can't see the advantage.
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The wax free ring have the advantage of being reused or repositioned. Yes, they seem to work as well, although I have not personally used it yet. The other advantage is they can accommodate flanges that are a bit to low or high with floor surface. Are they better? Only if the wax ring does not work. It's a good alternative (although a bit expensive) for troubleshooting toilet problems and installs where taking the toilet on and off might be necessary. It makes the job cleaner and easier. I would not hesitate to use it when the time comes.
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There are two types of waxless toilet seals, the first is a plastic spool that is fastened to the horn of the toilet with an adhesive with an O-ring (or two) on the spool that seals in the sewer pipe. The other type is a foam rubber "doughnut" that installs the same as a wax ring.

I do NOT recommend the first type, especially for a retrofit because it is almost impossible to remove every trace of the wax on a retrofit job and that will cause the spool to not adhere to the toilet horn. On a brand new toilet they seem to work okay.

The doughnut type, specifically the Sani Seal, will work equally as well on a retrofit as a new installation. It allows you to set and remove the toilet multiple times without leakage and it is far easier to use than a wax seal. Remember, one slip with a wax seal and you need to do it over with a new wax.

So, even though the Sani Seal costs about five times as much as the traditional wax seal it may actually be cheaper in the long run.

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