Faucet very hard to rotate


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Faucet very hard to rotate

Water turns on and off easily but it is very hard to rotate from left to right and vice versa. Tried oiling it but doesn't help at all. What can I do?

Hope lousy photos help identify which type of faucet I'm talking about.

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It's mineral build up at base of swivel and top of swivel just below lever. The interior of swivel is probably also corroded from hard water deposits. It might be time for a new faucet. This can be repaired, but IMO, not worth it.

If you do want to repair it, check back for more input on how to disassemble.
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I agree 100% and oil would be the last thing I would have used, if anything I would have used plumbers grease.
There is no way to just spray something in there without pulling it apart.
Need to shut off the water, pop off that round cap remove the screw and pull the handle to get at the cartrage.
If you can ID the brand they would send you all the parts for free or a whole new faucet.
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Thats a moen... very good faucet even though its 20 plus years old.. probably has original brass cart in it...

IMO replace the cartridge and you should be good..

If its the spout thats hard to turn then its just new O rings needed...

Just my opinion..

I have installed 1000's of those..

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