Faucet supply line problems ?


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Faucet supply line problems ?

I recently had a problem with a s.s "Brasscraft" faucet supply line.On the 3/8" compression end it leaked no matter what I did.
Took it off,replaced with another one.No problems???
Has anyone had problems with this brand before?
They used to carry "Watts" brand at lowes,now they all seem to carry "BrassCraft".Also they told me not to use Teflon tape on the fitting?Is that correct?Thanks.
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Yes, no tape.
They usually only leak when over tightened. Correct install is hand tight plus one quarter turn with a wrench.
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It's always possible to have a defective unit. If the "O" was damaged then it will leak.
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I have to agree with Norm. I've noticed the quality slipping on these faucet parts.

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