Hot and cold water supply lines too short for new faucet


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Hot and cold water supply lines too short for new faucet

This question is about having to replace hot and cold water supply lines but having some trouble there.We had a new vanity installed and our old pedestal sink of 16 years removed .With the taller vanity the old supply lines are too short and won't reach the faucet connectors.We thought we could replace the supply lines with longer ones but the supply lines have no angle diverter from which to unscrew them.They seem to be directly connected to the wall and the shut off.I'm afraid to unscrew it from the wall ,as it looks like the shut off won't stop water flow and we'd be literally flooded.I have attached images to give you'll an idea abut what we are working with.Any help and advice will be hugely appreciated.
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First pictures fuzzy, second one you let the nut slid down and is covering the connection.
Never once seen a stop valve with a built in flex line.
There's at least 4 different length supply lines so it would make no since.
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Those lines are common in California and they are junk. There's ways to extend them, but not recommended. You should change out the angle stops.
You need two 1/2 compression inlet x 3/8" compression outlet angle stops and two braided supply lines, 1/2" pipe x 3/8" compression.
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Common here in AZ as well, never saw them before. As Brian said, they are junk and need to be replaced with regular 1/4 turn angle stop valves and new flex lines. It's not fun, but needs to be done.

Most I've seen are compression, so you can normally just take them off and install new valves, reusing the nut and ring. Not always, but normally.
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Be sure to TURN OFF the main water valve for the house BEFORE removing the existing valves.
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Make life easy for yourself and use Sharkbite type valves. No soldering, no compression and screwing.

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