high/low pressure in tub.


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high/low pressure in tub.

Okay so we purchased this new house about a year ago. THis issue has been puzzling. Once in a while the pressure in the tub both coming out of the shower head and the faucet itself in the tub come out wit a huge amount of pressure. When the faucets are turned up the pressure out of the shower head is so greta it almost hurts on your back. The sink is about 4 ' away from tub. This faucet as well as the rest in the house do not seem to be any different in pressure. Now, this high pressure episode lasts a few weeks and then it seems to be greatly reduced ( about the same pressure as our old house was) and seems more normal. The reduce pressure portion lasts a few months and then the high pressure is back. Since we moved in last September the high pressure incident has happened about 4 times in the past 12 months. I am wondering if this could be a problem with faucet itself. It is an older style 2 handle faucet. Probably 15 + years old. I would rather have the high pressure all the time but it is puzzling when no other fixtures seem to be experiencing this. THx for the help.
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Are you on city water or do you have a well? Knowing this will help us figure out why you have higher pressure sometimes and not others.

Here's one guess why you might have higher/stronger pressure at your tub/shower: Relatively modern faucets have flow restrictors. So, even with strong water pressure any faucet with a flow restrictor will probably feel like it has "less" pressure. If your tub/shower has an older faucet it might not have a restrictor so you feel the full flow & pressure at that one fixture.
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Okay it is city water not well water. So maybe at certain times the city is supplying higher pressure and that could be why I am not seeing it. The sink faucet in bath is new as i put that in 6 months ago. The kitchen is looks very new as well. I guess to be sure I could put a pressure gauge on outside spigot and see if there is a difference.
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Flow restrictions actually cause higher psi and less flow..

The issue I think in your old two handle shower faucet may be a loose washer..

Can you take a pic of the faucet?

Next time you get high or low presuure open and close the hot and cold side a few times. see if you can get the pressure to vary each time..

Often what you may hear with a loose washer is a machine gun sound. tat tat tat tat tat.. Thats the washer moving around in there..

Could be a whole house reducing valve issue but you would get the symptoms at all faucets...

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