Toilet manufacturing issues: real problems?


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Toilet manufacturing issues: real problems?

Hi All,

I'm preparing to do a partial bathroom renovation and just received my new toilet: American Standard Cadet 3 PowerWash 1.6g 10" Rough. Because of the slightly non-standard size, I had to order it for ship-to-store with HomeDepot.

Anyway, I very carefully unpacked it and found a few issues, but this being my first ever toilet install, I'm not sure if any of them are true problems that I'll need to address with HD. Because I had to order it, I'd rather not have to do any kind of return or re-order, if I'm being too picky. I just don't really know if what I'm seeing is the norm and a replacement will just have its own set of issues. I also took off work to do the work, so of course it can't be just perfect out of the box!

Anyway, the most obvious problem to me is a crack through a (casting?) hole on the underside of the tank lid. I assume that's structural and will eventually bite me if I just keep it (and fall apart at some point). Otherwise, I see just general sloppiness in an out of round tank attach hole on the bowl (extra glaze) and a sharp nib on the drain hole (to flange). I'm wondering if those bits can be filed or simply broken off, if needed. Would that work or cause further chipping? Is it possible to safely shape/remove excess glazing?

I figure if the only true problem is that lid crack, I can ask if HD will order it (or an entire new toilet) and I could go ahead with the install and just swap lids later. If they give me grief about that, I also thought I could just use AS's warranty, since it's supposed to apply to cracks, but I of course don't want this to cost me anything.

Here are some shots. Any and all advice appreciated greatly.

Name:  lidUndersideCrack.jpg
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Name:  lidRearSloppy.jpg
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Name:  tankBoltHoleOutOfRound.jpg
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Name:  tankBoltHoleOutOfRoundBottom.jpg
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Name:  drainCatchPoint.jpg
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Those are very obvious manufacturing defects. I would return that toilet.

My personal preference would be a Toto toilet. I have read that Toto has the finest QA program in the world.
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OK, thanks for the advice. I had initially focused on getting a Toto Drake, but I need a 10" rough and my wife really wanted a round bowl (and the spot's a bit tight), so I went with the best 10" round I could find for what I consider a reasonable price (<$300). Toto doesn't make one like that (that I could find anyway).

I have to decide whether to try again with HomeDepot and this AS toilet or just scrap that idea and get a Drake instead. I think I can convince my wife to be OK with the elongated , assuming the extra length will still be an OK fit.

Also, I'm now thinking I can just go ahead with the job, including repairing and tiling the floor, and just put the old toilet back in if I don't have a satisfactory new toilet by the time I'm ready to reinstall. Except for the extra toilet pull/reinstall and the cost of a wax ring, I don't see any problem with that approach. I'd rather not stall the work and I want the toilet out of commission for as short a time as possible (stuck using a cold basement throne in the interim ).

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That's a shame. Those are some pretty obvious issues that got by them. I thought American Standard made decent stuff..... I guess that's no longer true.
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Only american standard I use and install are the champion 4's

The cadets are a lower grade/quality and I have had many issues with them in the past..

Drake is a good one too that I used to install..

Also the kohler highline..

I like any 17" high toilet also..

IMO if you renovating its usually a one time deal.. Dont skimp ..
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