leaking toilet in the bathroom


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leaking toilet in the bathroom

This toilet has started leaking gradually and stained the flooring as shown in the pics attached. Is there something easy/simple I should be checking? (I have to turned off the water intake valve into the toilet, and not using this toilet currently.) If I have to hire a contractor, what should I be aware of to not be taken advantage of? You advices will be appreciated.

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Toilet needs to come out, linolium removed, and inspect the underlayment and sub flooring for damage.
Whole thing could have been prevented by noticing the stain and replacing a $5.00 wax ring.
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I hate to say it but JoeCaption is correct. You have a leak and it's been going on long enough for the water to permeate out into the vinyl beyond the toilet and for mold to grow. Sit on the toilet and shift your weight side to side somewhat forcibly. If you see or feel the toilet move it's an indication that the subflooring may be rotten. If the toilet sits rock solid then you've likely only got a cosmetic repair which would mean replacing the vinyl in addition to fixing the original leak.

If hiring someone to do the work a good way to avoid being taken is to be around while they work. At this point you're already in for having the toilet pulled and the wax ring removed. If you want the room to be pretty you're also looking at new vinyl. So, the big question is if there is rotten wood underneath. Soft or rotten wood is easy to see. If the person doing the repair work says this and that needs to be done. Have them show you the damage.

And no, there is no way to clean or bleach the black stains off of the vinyl. It is mildew growing within the pores of the vinyl. It's either live with the staining or replace it.
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I have removed the toilet.

Thank you for responding. I have now removed the toilet. The bottom side of the toilet looks ok as shown in my pic on this posting. The vinyl flooring around the flush hole doesn't seem too soft, but I'm not sure.

1) Should I now cut the vinyl flooring around the flush hole to look for any damage? How do I stop the molds from further spreading?

2) Is the white plastic circular flange that goes inside the flush hole suppose to come out to replace the wax ring? (It looks like the builder put wax on both top and under side of the white flange, and I hope I didn't break any pipes under the floor by pulling on the white plastic flange.)

What should I now do? Your advices are again appreciated.
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The only way to get rid of the mold is to replace the vinyl. The plastic flange stays mounted to the subfloor.
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Examining the wood under the mold stained vinyl flooring

I scraped off the vinyl flooring where the mold stains were (pics attached). Wood seems to have some black areas, but seems to be ok, and feel solid with no soft spots.

Is there a way to tell if I broke any plumbing pipes under the floor by pulling on white plastic flange on the flush hole?

Your opinions are appreciated.Name:  floor.jpg
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Is there another room under bath? It so pour water down hole and look for water stains in ceiling. Dough you broke anything unless you put a lot of pressure on fitting.
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Oh, I hate to see that. It looks like your floor might have been completely glued down. It can be a real bugger to get up. Not rocket science but it can be a lot of work.

Your toilet flange and drain piping is likely OK. If you didn't break the flange on top I doubt you hurt anything below.
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Looks to me as if the flange IS broken in more than one area. Since the toilet bolts are held in place by the flange that flange DOES need to be replaced.

The good news is that it appears that is a slide-on flange with an O-ring. Unless some unknowing person added solvent cement it should pull right off the pipe.

OR, a "waxless" adapter has been used and that is what is broken.
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