"Hum" sound when shower's on


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"Hum" sound when shower's on

I finished a bathroom remodel, and now I'm noticing that when my wife's in the shower, I hear a "hum", or maybe a "whine" that sounds like it's coming from the water lines (it has to be, because it goes away when she turns the water off).

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thank you!
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I have a hum in my shower when I use just the right amount of hot water. There is an imperfection in the hot water facet stem or seat. When I set it just right (where I like the temp and pressure - of course) it whistles or hums. Putting my hand against the stem changes the pitch or cuts off the hum so I know I just need to replace the stem or seat. For your situation, it could be something lodged in the shower head, the valve or a kink in the plumbing. Since it sounds like most of it is new, I am thinking a kink or other restriction in the lines. Try flushing all the valves , heads and lines to see if it changes at all. If no change, then press the palm of your hand against the faucet to see if it changes the hum.

- Peter
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Water being squeezed through a valve can cause noise (whoosh, hiss, rumble) that can vibrate the pipes. Under the right circumstances this can excite a resonance that can get pretty loud.

You can try to silence the vibration by strapping the pipes near the valve, or wrapping the pipes (or both).

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