1970'ish Delta shower valve


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1970'ish Delta shower valve

1972 (?) Delta shower valve was dripping a little, so I got what I needed from Ace, and it's working. Took three packages, because the ball that I needed didn't have the proper length springs with it, nor the correct plastic handle limiter, but hey, as long as it all fit, and it did, I was happy. I noticed though when measuring and test fitting everything that the lever on the new ball had less travel to the left than the old one, but figured it was because the valve predated anti-scald ones, and limiting the movement was their answer. Anyway, the water is hot (warm) enough for what I like for a shower, but doesn't get as hot as it used to in the event that we want to run water into a bucket for cleaning, etc. So wondering if anyone knows if this is the way it is now, or if it might be worth my time to get a ball from Delta and see what it does.
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It certainly wouldn't hurt to contact Delta. First I'd go to their website and use their "identify your product" system to determine what faucet you have.

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