Slow filling tank - fixed by closing and opening water valve.. Why?


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Slow filling tank - fixed by closing and opening water valve.. Why?


I have a ~7 years old toilet that, all of the sudden, will take forever to fill the tank. I'm thinking 30 minutes or more. The mechanism is a fluidmaster, not sure the model. See attached picture:

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I've read the faq and searched the threads. I have a feeling that my problem is similar to the ones described here and here.

From those threads, I gather I must clean the various water supply stages from sediments:
1- Flush the toilet and grab the arm on the valve (not the arm on the flush lever) and move it up and down several times making the water flow start and stop. This may free the sediement.
2- Flush the water hose
3- Clean the fill valve (whatever that is?) or replace the whole mechanism

However, because I am not at that house right now, and when I go back I want to make sure I have all the possible solutions in hand, here is my question: I noticed that afterI flush, when the water is slowly dripping, if I close the inlet valve and then reopen it, the water flow recovers immediately. But if I flush again, the flow goes back to "turtle flow", until I turn-off and then on the valve.

For this reasons, I'm skeptical that the problem has something to do with the line being clogged, since the added pressure when toying with the valve would have unclogged it..

Is there something else I should look for?

Thanks all for your patience and great work on this forum!
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The shutoff valve and fill valve are the two places I usually find that can collect sediment with the fill valve being most common. The fill valve is the black tower in your picture that has the fload on it. The valve portion is in the very top.

To clean the valve it's easiest to remove it first but it can be done leaving it in the toilet.
1. Turn off the water to the toilet.
2. Flush the toilet and hold the lever down until water no longer flows into the bowl.
3. Put a bucket under the tank and unscrew the fill hose where it attaches to the bottom of the tank.
4. Unscrew the nut on the outside bottom of the tank that attaches the fill valve.
5. Remove the black plastic vanity cover on the top of the fill valve. It just snaps in place and doesn't do anything so don't worry about being rough to remove it.
6. With the cap off you will see two little arms that extend out from the valve core and engage locking teeth in the outer housing. With a flat blade screwdriver lift both at the same time and rotate the valve core. This will allow the top of the valve to come off.
7. Rinse off any sediment inside the cap you just removed. In the main body you'll see a rubber diaphragm with a metal pin in the middle. Rinse off the diaphragm and run water into the body so it flows out under the diaphragm. Basically clean everything.
8. Reassemble and install the valve back in the toilet.
9. Aim the loose end of the fill valve into a bucket and open shutoff valve all the way to flush it out.
10. Reconnect the fill hose to the valve and give it a try and see if the problem remains.
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Thanks for the comment and suggestion. In the end, it was easier and to just replace the whole mechanism for less than 15$ as I was unable to find what was clogging.


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